Shawnee Collins - Clinical Director of Behavior Analysts

Shawnee has been with Chrysalis since 1999.

Shawnee has held several positions at Chrysalis including Direct Support Staff, House Manager, Behavior Analyst and is currently serving as Chrysalis' Clinical Director overseeing all Chrysalis Behavioral Services in Nevada and Utah.

Shawnee is on a personal quest to attend every University in Utah and have more degrees and letters behind her name than any other Director at Chrysalis. Shawnee received her Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University, her Master of Social Work from the University of Utah and completing her Doctorate of Disability Disciplines from Utah State University. Shawnee is a nationally accredited Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Shawnee routinely teaches University courses, lectures and writes articles on disability related topics. Shawnee has an incredibly infectious positive attitude and is always up for an adventure.

When not working she enjoys collecting helmets for all the activities she participates in; including snowboarding, biking, and softball.