Ryan Friden - Weber and Davis County Director

Ryan has been with Chrysalis since 2002.

Ryan began working for Chrysalis as a Direct Support Professional after hearing about the job from his brother, Troy (the former Area Director in Weber/Davis County, Utah).  Ryan has worked in a variety of positions in Chrysalis offices throughout Utah and Nevada.  He has worked as a Residential Manager in Provo, Utah, an Associate Director in Logan, Utah, an Associate Director in Las Vegas, as an Area Director of the Northern Nevada program, and finally in his current role as the Director of Weber and Davis County. During his time at Chrysalis he has taken on additional responsibilities including coordinating all emergency preparedness efforts in our Las Vegas area, as well as helping to develop a Nevada manager training manual.

Ryan’s familiarity with the disability field extends beyond his experiences at Chrysalis.  He briefly left the company two times to pursue volunteer and educational experiences.  He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University in 2008 after completing an intriguing field-related capstone course.  At one point, he worked and lived on site with individuals with disabilities including some with Asperger’s syndrome.  We were thrilled to recruit Ryan back, and are excited about his commitment to working in this field.

Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and family, playing all kinds of sports, and beating everyone who dares challenge him in any sports-related video game.  He was recently kicked out of a PS3 football video game league by his co-workers for winning too often and by too many points.