Bill Snoddy - Subsidies Director

Bill has been with Chrysalis since 1999.

Bill started with Chrysalis in 1999 by opening Chrysalis services in the Cedar City area. After successfully operating the Cedar City office for almost 10 years he moved into his current role as Subsidies Director for all Chrysalis programs. Having worked one on one with the individuals, as well as understanding how a program works on a macro level, gives Bill the insight and understanding to be an excellent resource for all the individuals Chrysalis supports.

Bill understands how important Social Security, eligibility, Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, and Housing Subsidies are to the individual's quality of life. Bill manages over 500 individuals' social security and other subsidies on a monthly basis. If you have a question, or there is a problem, Bill is the one who goes the distance to solve it. Going the distance is something Bill excels at, he routinely runs 60+ miles a week and competes regularly in marathons with his wife.

Bill is married and has three children. He enjoys spending time with his wife and family, playing sports and making everyone else in the office feel fat and lazy by routinely exercising.